Wellness in Design

Designing for wellness

We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors.

Mental health is still a stigma and is becoming increasingly concerning in our population.

We know interior spaces have a significant impact on us – why not create better spaces, for better lives ?


Hi ! I’m Léa.

I am a young interior designer architect, passionate about wellness in design.

Mental health englobes a vast spectrum of elements. However, studies have proven the impact of the environment on both our physical and mental healths – it is our job as designers to be aware of this and act on it.

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My passion for mental health in the interior space started during the thesis I completed as part of my final year for my BSc.

I continously look out for new ideas and am continuing researching the topic to gain more knowledge.

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Design portfolio

I recently graduated as an Interior designer architect after a BSc Honours in Cork Institute of Technology. It gave me the opportunity to develop a portfolio in retail and commercial spaces, which I am continuing to improve through personal projects.

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